About us

Me and my dog!! (Well, mostly my dog, but she is more interesting I think 😀)

Hi! I’m SHIROASA and I’m an artist from Chicago. I sell my work at conventions with my partner. I love drawing cute and gory things and I want to bring you joy with my artwork!

I spend my time crying over fictional characters and drawing my webcomics! I have two that you can check out, Wingless which is a dark fantasy comic and Boys Outta Luck! which is a comedy/slice of life. They are free to read!

I really appreciate everyone who enjoys my work. I want to continue bringing all of you good stuff! If you like my work enough to shop with me I can’t thank you enough. You keep me doing what I want to do, make art, and I get to share my cool merchandise with you!

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to use the form here.

If you wanna support my original works, you can also pledge to be my Patron where I post exclusive artworks, process images/videos and other secret stuffs.

Thank you for viewing my store!