Blue Mystery Bag $15




♥ If you’d like to have a bit of fun and are feeling lucky you can try a mystery bag.
♥ This bag contains about $45 worth of merchandise, you can have it for only $15!
♥ What’s in the bag is random but could contain anything from the following fandoms: BNHA, Fire Emblem, Overwatch, NieR, Promised Neverland, KonoSuba, Jojo, Steven Universe, Pokemon, Demon Slayer, and some animal-themed stuff.
♥ If you don’t like something in the bag you could always gift it to a friend.
♥ The bag might contain some retired designs that aren’t listed in the fandoms above.
♥ You can choose from these types of bags:

  1. 2x charm, 8x sticker, 4x button
  2. 1x charm, 12x sticker, 5x button
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